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Lizzie - Disney Contest 48 by AnimeInMyPocket Lizzie - Disney Contest 48 by AnimeInMyPocket
   ~ “For there is no friend like a sister 
    In calm or stormy weather; 
    To cheer one on the tedious way, 
    To fetch one if one goes astray, 
    To lift one if one totters down, 
    To strengthen whilst one stands.”~
~Here (entering by the skin of my teeth to get it in on time) is my entry for the contest over at the Disney Club - design a princess. (Well, Lizzie's more of a heroine, but... > >)~
~She's in part inspired by the poem Goblin Market and in part inspired by Snow White and Rose Red. My old english teacher recommended that we look at Goblin Market because it's considered a poem about lesbians (though they do use 'sister'). The story features two maidens; Lizzie and Laura. Laura tells Lizzie not to accept the Goblin's Fruit, but gives in and buys it herself. Lizzie stops her from buying more, as it will eventually lead to her doom, but her sister is never content afterwards. Thus, Lizzie takes matters into her own hands and confronts the goblins. I imagined the two to contrast in a similar way to Snow White and Rose Red.~
~In a Disney movie, I'd hope that they kept the two's relationship as intimate as it is. I'd also like to experiment with making the goblins seem more human - almost like men. As I was reading it, I couldn't help comparing the two. Regardless, there would definitely be a longer journey to the goblins and perhaps Lizzie meets some equally cowardly/nervous friends along the way. Then they all have to face the goblins together and rely on each other not to be tempted.~
~Here's the contest:… and the website I got Goblin Market from:…
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May 31, 2016
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